Saturday, 13 February 2010

Sunday Driving with Petrolhead Nirvana

Sunday 7th February saw unusualy mild weather for the time of year. So, who was I to turn down a chance to get the roof off and go for a brisk winters day blast? Meeting up at our favourite London haunt, the Ace cafe, we headed through the city and down to the coast.

Driving from London to Southampton would normally take around an hour in average traffic conditions via the M3 motorway.......but where's the fun in that!? I clamped a camera to the roll bar and off we went by a slightly more twisty, round about, route. The group included an Audi R8, BMW M3, Tazio, Ferrari 355 and f360 spyder, TVR Chimera, MX5, Cosworth, MGF, New GTR and my Sebring SX. We must have been driving very slowly because it took us much longer than the usual hour. Four hours later we arrived at the Jolly Sailor pub on the Hamble River had a leisurely lunch then took another 2 hours to drive home again.

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