Sunday, 31 May 2009

Donating to charity doesn't cost an arm and a leg

Overland 2 Oz is raising money for No More Landmines.

One of the projects supported by No More Landmines is the Cope centre in Laos.

During the Vietnam War, the conflict spilled over into Laos in a secret war leaving it one of the most heavily bombed countries in history. Many of these bombs and other devices did not explode at the time. So, even though the war ended in 1975, the country is still littered with a significant amount of UXO's (unexploded ordnance) which also contributes to poverty, hunger and disability on a daily basis.

At Cope victims of landmines and UXO's receive treatment and rehabilitation including the manufacture and fitting off prosthetic limbs.

We will be visitng the Cope centre when we reach Laos and we would like to ask people to help in 2 ways. A donation to No More Landmines will go towards supporting projects like cope and also the clearance of Landmines and UXO's. You can donate any amount via our Just Giving page:

Alternatively, if you would like to give a more personal gift, why not donate an arm or a leg to somebody in need. An arm costs $140, a leg $50. Arms and legs can be bought on the cope website:
Please mention Fiona and Rica and the Oz rally when donating so we can keep track of how many people our friends have helped.

Hot Laps of the Top Gear Track 16/05/09

"Dad's Day Out" at Dunsfold Aerodrome, home of Top Gear. The day was organised jointly by the PetrolHead Nivana Club and Club Scuderia. Club members volunteered their time and their cars to offer fast passenger rides around the Top Gear track. Proceeds went to the Chidrens Trust Charity.

My Sebring was in the static display on the runway. I left the track action to much faster cars and instead took a camera along to video the action.

Bachi's Ariel Atom was one of the fastest accelerating cars there with a 0-60mph in 2.7seconds! Nancy took me round the track in it. Have you ever put your hands in one of those Dyson Airblade hand driers and watched the skin go all wobbly when it's blasted by the air? Well thats what happens to your face when the wind blasts you in an Atom! The acceleration is awesome! It was overtaken by a KTM though and in his desperate attempts to regain the lead Bachi span out, luckily I had the camera mounted on the car at the time so can now share that moment with the world......sorry Bachi :-) and apologies to Peter too, who realising he was going to fast for the corner in his Murcialago, overshot rather than risk a spin and headed off the track in the wrong direction al la Jonathan Ross. I can't help wondering if I'll be invited back if I keep catching their little faux pas on camera. Ah well, it'll be fun watching it back at the Ace Cafe club meet next week and it was all for a good cause.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ace Cafe

The Ace Cafe in North-West London has been a biker haunt since the '50's. Burnt down and then rebuilt it is now popular with petrolheads on two wheels and four.

They hold monthly themed nights for different car clubs and marques. Monday night was Petrolhead Nirvana night. The Petrolhead Nirvana club seems to be open to anyone with a passion for motorised vehicles, though the membership definitely leans toward the fast 4 wheeled variety.

Jaguar XJ220 attracted the most attention. Nice, but I'd hate to have to park it in a crowded car park!

As much as I appreciate the more modern cars I'm still in love with the 60's styling. As you can tell from my car, the black Sebring SX in the foreground.


I'm often asked what my favourite car is or what I would buy if money were no object. I usually say, I already own it, the Sebring has classic styling, a fibreglass body that will never rust and a quick, reliable Nissan straight six engine. It's heavy to drive but so much fun! I was looking through some of the photos I've taken at Goodwood over the years though and I have found a favourite! (one of my favourite men sat in it too)


For any readers who don't have petrol running through their veins, it's a Ferrari 250 GTO. They very rarely come up for sale and when they do they tend to sell for somewere around £3,000,000. As much as I love it I think, even if I did have a spare £3 million, I wouldn't buy one. Let's face it; I'd be terrified to drive it and cars are made to be driven! I think I'd rather have a well built replica which I could use and abuse to my hearts content without making half the motoring world cry if I scratched it!