Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Petrolhead Nirvana @ Goodwood Breakfast Club

Time for another run down to the Goodwood Breakfast Club. This month I met some of the Petrolhead Nirvana group in a collection of TVR's Ferrari's, EVO's etc for the drive down.

I took the Sebring as Mark has the engine out of the Baja for some major surgery and it's still not UK reg'd....Just aswell, there is no way the Baja would have kept up with that lot!!

The only problem with the Baja not being available for the trip was that this months theme was "four seat family favourites"...hmmm, how to pass the Sebring off as a 4 seater?

The conversation with the Marshalls went something like this:

marshall: You can't get 4 people in there
me: I'll have you know I've had 6 people in this car (cheesy grin, flutter eyelashes)
Marshall: Hmmm
me: I have photographic evidence to prove it
Marshall: Oh alright then, go on

Claire, my PBC co-driver, came along for the ride so I made her hang out the car with the video camera, then I did a bit of filming down there too.